Eman Faiz

UX Strategy & Design


Q3 CIBC Digital Quarterly Achievers Award                                                      2017

Q2 CIBC Marketing Quarterly Achievers Award                                                2017

Q2 CIBC Digital Quarterly Achievers Award                                                     2016


IBM Design Thinking Practitioner & Co-Creator Badge                            2018

Akendi User Experience Design Certification                                            2018

Apple Enterprise Design Lab UX Consultant                                              2017


Ontario College of Art & Design University Bachelors in Design - BDes                                                                                                                                                         2015

  • Strong understanding of evolving and applying design thinking methodologies including IBM Design Thinking, Google Ventures, Apple Enterprise Design, and lean and agile processes.

  • Clear and effective communication skills in articulating design rationales and digital solutions at varying stages of the solution design process.

  • Interests: Reading Fiction, History, Film, Photography, Life Drawing, Hand Lettering, Animation

  • Highly efficient with Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and InVision

  • Iterative prototyping, user testing, developing high fidelity mocks, flows, and sequence mapping

  • Video, animation, and kinetic typography capabilities using Adobe AfterEffects, PremierePro, and iMovie

  • Keen eye for typography and visual hierarchy with meticulous attention to detail.

From LHE...

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..to DXB...

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..to YYZ

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