Eman Faiz

UX Strategy & Design

The Superstition



A year-long project exploring the prevalence of superstitious practices in what can be considered an ‘enlightened’ era of humanity.


We currently live in a time where a vast amount of information is accessible at our fingertips, enabling our society to make informed decisions. I could not help but wonder why superstitious practices are widespread among numerous communities. The superstition is an anthropological subject that has diverse personal meaning to all individuals. I found this topic interesting as it has an old cultural history and a lot of creative potential.

As much as we plan, there is no way we can fully control the future. This lack of control and ambiguity brings feelings of uneasiness. But the human mind is quite remarkable. We refuse to believe that matters are out of our control. So? We conjure the most eccentric ideas and practices to keep our minds at peace about our daunting futures. This endeavor for control has existed since the beginning of mankind and has managed to survive even today.


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The Experience

An exhibition experience designed to urge visitors to practice ‘unlucky’ superstitious actions. The goal was to get people to reflect on their own approaches when planning for their futures. The exhibition aims to express similarities in humankind  despite cultural and religious beliefs. 


The Research



The Process