Eman Faiz

UX Strategy & Design

Live Labs




Live Labs is an Innovation Lab that endorses concept and solution validation. As one of the founding members of the lab, we have developed a team and process that leverages a variety of validation techniques using technical development, design exploration, and strategic analyses to bring innovative change to the bank. The team is designed to promote collaboration and apply human-centered design practices to improve and generate meaningful experiences to serve the bank’s diverse client and user base for today and tomorrow. Live Labs is dedicated to extending, training, and evolving new frameworks to create a transformational change at an enterprise level to ensure CIBC can be a forefront for banking in the future.


The Website


Identity Branding

As Live Labs represents innovation at CIBC, developing a visual identity and brand was critical to ensure the labs presence and mission is understood internally and externally. By defining the labs brand, the team can reinforce brand perception and manage client and stakeholder motivations and expectations.


The Space

Innovate or Die


The Lab is located on the ground floor of the MaRS Discovery District and is surrounded by other companies that have similar innovation initiatives. An aesthetically pleasing workspace increases and sustains creativity, inspiration, and productivity. This positively affects the team's drive, culture, and ideation capabilities.



Lab Video Blogs

Live Labs aims to explore validation techniques and communicate successful practices to the rest of the bank. Video blogs are one of the channels used to share and suggest new methodologies and lab updates. By being transparent with the lab practice and structure, the vlogs help the transformation from waterfall approaches to more agile processes across the bank.