Eman Faiz

UX Strategy & Design

Design Thinking at CIBC


Discovery is a part of CIBC Live Labs that focuses specifically on strategy validation for lines of businesses across the bank to mitigate risk and unlock funding by assessing whether a concept needs further development to determine its potential .  The three-week sprint consists of a cross-disciplinary team of passionate experts that help isolate and define a problem to then solve equally for both the user and the business. As a UX Design Strategist, I lead the design thinking sessions, design solutions within pods, and continuously work on improving the Discovery process development.  




Please contact Eman to learn more about the specific projects.

An extensive analysis is conducted by the team that includes a strategic analysis, high level cost-benefit estimate, technical application strategy, a north star experience, and user experience research. The final deliverable includes a recommendation on whether or not the solution needs more exploration and implementation suggestions.

Below, are a few of the recommendations developed. The first two have been funded and are currently
in production. As these solutions are created during the business strategy phase, they cannot be publicly shared. 

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