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CIBC Live Labs Swag

I designed apparel to elevate the promotion of our brand and presence within the bank. The swag includes accessories and clothing that promotes our vision and values in a creative and fun approach. 

Every four months, the innovationlab hires a new rotation of the smartest and most talented co-ops. All co-opstudents bring a wide scope of skills specializing in software engineering andbusiness from universities throughout Canada. Each rotation conveys their ownperspectives and personalities to the lab making it a fun and inspiring placeto work. Each term, swag is designed to represent the projects and achievementsaccomplished in those four months and is a great way to tag each rotation.

Every term the lab conducts an Innovation Week. In this week, everyone at the lab is divided into teams and given the opportunity to solve a problem that the bank faces. Treated like a week-long hackathon, the teams work hard to develop minimal viable products that attain a goal for the bank’s success. Each team works on a prototype and business case and presents their ideas to a panel of judges who then decide the winners of the Innovation Week. Winning teams get recognition, awards, and of course, personalized swag. The above image is the t-shirts designed for the winning team, DUKE, for pitching a Virtual Banking concept that eases the banking needs of clients who are constantly travelling abroad and lack the personal connection to their financial representatives. DUKE is an acronym for the members’ first names.

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